Zero Two Hundred Hours
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Zero Two Hundred Hours

ZeroTwo Hundred Hours
A Fact-Based Military Thriller
by Eric Wentz

"To avenge the death of his father, a U. S. Navy SEAL leads a counterstrike against Al-Qaeda."

Published 2021


Preying in Iran

Preying in Iran: A Tapestry of Wounds
by Eric Wentz

"From the pen of Eric Wentz comes another thriller etched in the burning sands of Central Asia. Preying in Iran, A Tapestry of Wounds delivers a thrilling and yet a disturbingly good read. Wentz reveals the dark underbelly of international sex trafficking across continents and the institutions that support the exploitation of children and women. The author's work is populated with intrigue and details that demonstrate a man steeped not just in the history of war torn Central Asia, but also someone conversant in the blood money criminals that thrive as they prey upon those dislocated by war and the rumors of war." Click here to read more.

Published 2019



"Killing Sharks has been re-released
under a new title, Zero Two Hundred Hours"

Killing Sharks: De Profundis

by Eric Wentz

From the remote villages of Afghanistan to the depths of the ocean, Lieutenant Commander Grant Chisolm is on a mission to thwart jihadists. His latest assignment as liaison officer to Guantanamo brings him face to face with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, and their hatred of the United States, once more.

Dive into the explosive world of terrorism and those fearless enough to fight it in Killing Sharks.

Published 2013


Piercing the Veil
by Eric Wentz

published 2009
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