Zero Two Hundred Hours

"Killing Sharks has been re-released under a new title,
Zero Two Hundred Hours"

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Kevin McDermott, host of Public Perspective interviews Eric Wentz.
November, 2013
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"Killing Sharks: De Profundis is the most insightful critique
of the terrorist mindset in the market today. "

"Eric Wentz receives the 2013 Readers' Favorites Book Award for Killing Sharks: De Profundis."

An excerpt from Eric Wentz's current novel Killing Sharks: De Profundis

Precious Cargo

While Colonel Sanchez and his cohorts awaited the arrival of the Americans, just three miles away, on the leeward side of Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, a C-130, a cargo plane,
was circling into position to land. Inside the plane was a most precious cargo.

The pilot, Captain Ephraim Benton, aligned the C-130 with the mile-long runway, eyeing his console and the runway itself as he lowered the flaps and began to set the large craft into its final landing phase. Once the plane was properly positioned over the ocean and approriately banked and leveled into a beeline for the landing strip, he got onto the PA system and said, "Welcome to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Pearl of the Antilles." Then he added, "And to our special guest flying with us today for the first time, and perhaps the last time, may your
stay at Club GITMO be a long and fruitless one."

Book Review

“The author is a man of a powerfully perceptive worldview of East and West.  His laser
targeting of the Caucasus, the Middle East, and the fractionalized world of Lebanon,
specifically, speaks of firsthand knowledge of these tortured regions.  His insight put forth in beautiful prose climbs into the realm of the poetic and will stir even a casual reader…
Throughout it all, a rich tapestry is its own reward, seducing and pointing to a human
landscape both beautiful and bawdy yet breathtakingly informative.”

~Elias Abu-Ayn
Former United States Special Envoy to the Saudi Royal Family
Author of Operation: Snow Leopard




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