Zero Two Hundred Hours
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  "The author is a man of a powerfully perceptive worldview of East and West. His laser targeting of the Caucasus, the Middle East, and the fractionalized world of Lebanon, specifically, speaks of firsthand knowledge of these tortured regions. His insight put forth in beautiful prose climbs into the realm of the poetic and will stir even a casual reader...Throughout it all, a rich tapestry is its own reward, seducing and pointing to a human landscape both beautiful and bawdy yet breathtakingly informative."
  Elias Abu-Ayn
Former United States Special Envoy
to the Saudi Royal Family
Aurther of Operation: Snow Leopard
  “Much of Wentz’s writing violates the conventions of the men’s action adventure thriller.  He writes at times with a poet’s sensibility.  This represents an unusual blend, one that suggests that Grant Chisolm himself may have the panache of the poet in him, so that he is as much an American cowboy as ever but one who could sing to his friends and sweetheart if he wished to.  Yes, this is a man’s book but one presenting artistic sensibilities that any woman can admire and enjoy.”
  Tatiana Artamanova, Ph. D.
Universitete Minsk
  “The author’s experience and depth of research shine forth and force the reader into prickly realms of topics most Westerners do not want to enter.  It is far easier to remain steadfast in the “us vs. them” mentality – to maintain that the Middle East is bad, all Muslims are bad, that Communists are bad. An adventurous and believable plot captures the reader, demanding the reader to keep turning the pages. Beware if you have a busy life because the book will demand your attention.”
  Rachel Blake
Military Physicist
  "In his novel Killing Sharks: De Profundis, Mr. Wentz shows himself to be scholars,
teacher, soldier, and storyteller, as well as an expert in the political, military, and religious affairs of the modern world. Killing Sharks: De Profundis is above all else a gripping tale of suspense. LCDR Grant Chisolm must call upon not only his martial skills
but also his education in foreign languages and cultures to ferret out a terrorist plot
from the slenderest clues."
  Theodore J. Slusarczyk
Former Russian language specialist, U.S. Army
Former Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Departmnt of State
  "Wentz rivals Clancy, Cussler, and Vince Flynn in his ability to generate excitement from one page to the next...the interrogation process was spot on. If I didn't know better, I'd say that I was a participant in some of the interviews described in the book..."The enemy is real, the plot not only plausible but one we prepared for, and the characters are people we all knew."
  LCDR Richard Zuley, USN (Ret)
Former EUCOM LNO, senior interrogtor and
Special Projects Team Chief,
Joint Task Force - Guantanamo
  "Killing Sharks: De Profundis is the most insightful critique of the terrorist mindset in the market today. His portrait of villainy is outstanding and something we should all find disturbing."
  Dr. Arthur M. Kunath LTC, USAR (Ret.)

"As a retired military intellifence professional, I am well aware of the sometimes confusing nature of intelligence collection and analysis as well as the difficulty of determining whether or not a piece of information is authentic and therefore "actionable." Wentz perfectly illustrates the indefinite and murky nature of the intelligence world. The main character is believable in his occassionally misreading - welcome to the intelligence world - vital clies as he seeks to thwart Al Qaeda type bad guys. LCDR figures I have yet seen in a work of literature. He has tobe someone real, someone the auther has encountered first hand. He is that believable.

This is a thinking person's read."

  John Luther, Commander USNR (Retired)
  "The story's most interesting aspect may be reflected in Wentz's ability to connect seemingly disparate events in history to the contemporary world. As a result, the reader is cued to be mentally alert to Quranic verses from the very beginning of Islam to sultanic belligerence in the Ottoman Empire to modern cryptographic mysteries."
  W.P. Commander, USN (Retired)






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